How To Use Remote Desktop To Connect To A Windows 10 PC?

Microsoft Windows 10 allows users to connect the remote desktop to Windows 10 PC. In today’s guide, Our experts will cover all the essential points on how to use remote desktop to connect to a Windows 10 PC.

So Guys! This is the best guide for you to understand how to use remote desktop to connect to a Windows 10 PC.

How To Use Remote Desktop To Connect To A Windows 10 PC

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Microsoft remote desktop feature in Windows 10 support users to access any remote computer. We can make it happen with the help of Remote Desktop Connection in Windows 10 as well as with the help of Windows 10 remote desktop app.

Don’t get confused! Windows 10 remote desktop app is new in Microsoft world. But the features of the remote desktop app are same as RDC(Remote Desktop Connection).

Now without wasting our time, I am going to start to show you the easy to implement the step-by-step method to connect Windows 10 remote desktop client.

Let’s Begin–>–>

How To Use Remote Desktop To Connect To A Windows 10 PC

I will try to keep this as easy as possible and as non-technical as possible. For guys who are not much computer savvy can understand this method easily.

I will make this little typical method comfortable with the help of easy to understand Diagrams and suitable screenshots.

Firstly, we will take a sketch of the process of how to use remote desktop to connect to a Windows 10 PC by using an overview Digram.


Remote Desktop Connection: Enable Remote Desktop

RDP(Remote Desktop Protocol) allows two computers to communicate each other. Microsoft remote desktop feature is disabled by default.

So don’t be shocked if  Windows 10 remote desktop is missing. Without turn on Microsoft remote desktop feature, you can not connect any Windows 10 remote desktop client.

Types of RDC

Enable Remote Desktop: Basic Setting For Both RDC’s

Over Local Network/Over the Internet

Follow the steps to allow remote desktop connection Windows 10.

  • Let’s get started with Cortana Windows 10. Type Remote Settings.

Allow remote access search

Good to know: If you can’t find Cortana in your Windows 10 PC. Resolve your problem “why isn’t Cortana available on my Windows 10 PC” here by getting help in Windows 10.

  • Remote desktop Windows 10 home Window, named System Properties will open. There, go to the Remote tab and you can see two new options Remote Assistance and Remote Desktop.
  • Under the Remote Assistance click on the check box “Allow remote assistance connections to this computer”.
  • Next moving toward Remote Desktop tab. Here click on Allow remote connections to this computer and untick Allow connections only from computers running Remote desk…as it can complicate the setup process.

Good To Know: “Allow connections only from the computer running remote desktop with network level authentication”, this option is good for security purpose. You can later tick this check box to add credentials if you want only known persons to connect to your Windows 10 PC.

RDC system properties

  • And we are just done, click on Apply and then Ok to finish settings to enable remote desktop.

So guys! This was the basic settings for Windows 10 to enable remote desktop. We have completed the first step to connecting the remote desktop to Windows 10 PC.

Windows 10 Remote Desktop Is Not Working: Which Versions Of Windows 10 Can Use Remote Desktop Connection?

If Windows 10 remote desktop is not working, that can be because of your running Windows 10 version. If you are using Windows 10 home edition then you have to upgrade your device to Windows 10 Pro.

Only Windows 10 Pro users can access remote connection. You will not find any settings to enable remote desktop connection with Windows 10 home edition.

To check your Windows 10 version:

Windows Sign > Right Click > System > Windows Edition.

Find IP Address

Now it’s time to find IP address ie. Local IP address & Public IP address.

Find Local IP Address: To Connect PC Over Local Network

Step 1. Open Command Prompt.

Step 2. Type “ipconfig” and press Enter.

RDC command prompt

Step 3. Note the IPv4 Address information, which is the address that identifies your computer on the local network.

This was the simple and easy way to find local IP Address.

Find My Public IP Address: To Connect PC To the Internet

If you are wishing to connect remote desktop over the internet, you will need to find your public IP Address in order to connect to another device.

The steps are as under:

Step 1. Open Google Chrome web browser or another web browser.

Step 2. Type “What is my IP” and press Enter.

Find IP

Step 3. Your public IP address should be the first result.

Now we have our full material to connect Windows 10 PC to remote desktop.

As we have completed our 80% of work to connect remote desktop, let’s move toward how to start a remote desktop connection.

Finally, we will reach our goal to learn how to use remote desktop to connect to a Windows 10 PC after completing this last step. In this last part of connecting remote desktop, please follow few more steps.

Before this, firstly revise what we have done in a short way:

  1. We have enabled remote desktop successfully.
  2. Collected  Local IP address.
  3. And, Our Public IP address too.

Ummm…That means we have all the essential materials to connect remote desktop.

That’s Grete!:-) Now we can start the remote desktop connection.

Here we go==>

How To Start Remote Desktop Connection: Remote Access Windows 10

  • On the device that you will be using to connect to your PC remotely, Open Remote Desktop connection or remote desktop app.

Good to know: If you don’t have the remote desktop app, you can get it from Windows app store. Just type “remote desktop connection Windows 10 download“.

  • Click on the Add(+) icon and then go to the Desktop Option.

Desktop option

  • If you are trying to connect to a PC over the Local Network, Enter the local IP address.
  • If you are trying to connect to a PC over the Internet connection, enter Public IP address.
  • Click on Add Account.
  • In the further step, Enter the account information of the remote computer.

Remote-connection- Security settings

Good to know: If the remote computer is using a Local account, enter the local ID(Username) and password. And If the remote computer is using Microsoft account, Enter their Microsoft account Information.

  • Hit the Save Button.
  • While completing the remote desktop connection process, A certificate warning will come, check on the option Don’t ask for this certificate again.

RDC settings

  • Lastly, Hit Connect, to complete the remote desktop connection process.
  • Now successfully operate the remote desktop.

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  • June 13, 2017
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